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Sunday, July 15, 2012

The VHS Archives: Mario Mancini's FRANKENSTEIN '80 (1972)


Mario Mancini's Frankenstein '80 (1972)

The VHS Archives Factsheet
Label: Gorgon Video
Catalog: MP3057
Box Type: Clamshell
Year of Release: ?
Runtime: 85:27
Print: 1.33:1 / English / No subs
Extras: None

About the Film
Director: Mario Mancini
Year of Release: 1972
Country of Origin: Italy
Stars: Gordon Mitchell, Xiro Papas, John Richardson, Renato Romano, Dalila Di Lazzaro
AKAs: Frankenstein 80, Frankenstein 2000, Midnight Horror, Mosaico, The Orgies of Frankenstein

Verbatim Box Synopsis
Once again we feel the maniacal terror of resurrected, restructured flesh.
But this time our monster wants more than life - he wants women and he wants them bad.
Driven by the pressure in his head and his loins Frankenstein '80 leaves a trail of bloody women and baffled authorities.

U.S. Gorgon Video / MPI sleeve! 

German VPS Video sleeve, originally scanned by Nello Pazzafini! 

German VPH squarebox cover, courtesy of Stefan Moberg!

French Cine Video Distribution sleeve, originally scanned by "ROTOR" at Nanarland

French Space Video sleeve, also scanned by "ROTOR"! 

French Cine 7 sleeve, taken from Nanarland!

Badass German trailer, uploaded by "horrorfictionmovies3"!

Looking for Frankenstein 80 on VHS? It's available on Amazon here. There are also bootleg DVDs available if you just want to see it. 

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