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Monday, October 15, 2012

The VHS Archives: Cheung Yan-Git's DEVIL (1981)


Cheung Yan-Git's Xie mo (1981)

The VHS Archives Factsheet
Label: Video City Productions (Chop-'Em-Ups Video)
Catalog: VC5075
Box Type: Big Box
Year of Release: 1986
Runtime: 82:24
Print: 1.31:1 / English / No subs
Extras: Trailer for Mob War

About the Film
Director: Cheung Yan-Git
Year of Release: 1981
Country of Origin: Taiwan / Hong Kong
Stars: Sherman Chow Shiu-Dung, Chen Hung-Lieh, Wong Bo-Yuk, Lau Yin-Seung
AKAs: The Devil, Devil's Express

Verbatim Box Synopsis
Inhuman beasts stalk the night in search of hosts for their unspeakable cravings!
Your skin will crawl with sheer terror as helpless victims turn into brutal, flesh-eating monsters, stopping at nothing in their orgy of fiendish lusts!
A shocker that will leave you gasping with dread.
Definitely not for the squeamish!
U.S. Video City Productions big box cover!

Tokuma Japan Video sleeve, courtesy of Backyard Asia!

Video review with clips, put together by So Good Reviews!

An especially gross set-piece, also uploaded by So Good Reviews!

Looking for Devil on VHS? It's available on Amazon here, if you've sold your soul to afford it. If you're just wanting to see the film, a much cheaper option is VideoAsia's DVD as Devil's Express, paired with Chuen Yee-Cha's The Rapist (1994) as part of their 'Tales of Voodoo' series. The print is VHS quality, but it's fully letterboxed and probably the best available outside of owning the original Japanese prerecord. 

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1 comment:

  1. Far East Flix also sells the widescreen version of the film as well, for $10.