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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The VHS Archives: Michael Reeves' SHE BEAST (1966)


Michael Reeves' La sorella di Satana (1966)

The VHS Archives Factsheet
Label: Gorgon Video
Catalog: MP3055
Box Type: Clamshell
Year of Release: ?
Runtime: 78:43
Print: 1.33:1 / English / No subs
Extras: None

About the Film
Director: Michael Reeves
Year of Release: 1966
Country of Origin: UK/ Italy
Stars: Barbara Steele, Ian Ogilvy, John Carlsen, Mel Welles, Lucretia Love
AKAs: The She-Beast, Revenge of the Blood Beast, The Sister of SatanThe Devil's Lake

Verbatim Box Synopsis
Burned at the stake in 18th century Transylvania, the diabolical witch, Vardella, lives again in the body of a beautiful young 20th century English girl who is travelling through Europe on her honeymoon. Nothing can stop Vardella's evil as her spirit transforms the pretty maiden into a hideous beast and spreads a trail of terror across the countryside. Can she be captured and the spirit exorcised? Or will the world never be safe from the horror that is The She Beast?

U.S. Gorgon Video / MPI sleeve!
Spanish Rompeolas Film and Video sleeve, courtesy of Mondo VHS!

Original theatrical trailer, uploaded by Sinister Cinema!

Combo trailer with Dino Tavella's The Embalmer (1965), uploaded by MrPsycho313!

Looking for She Beast on VHS? It's available on Amazon here. There's also a really nice special edition DVD available from Dark Sky. 

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