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Sunday, August 19, 2012

I Spit on Your Grab Bag! Mystery Photos #101-105!


Welcome back to the ol' Arcana for another round of Grab Bag Goodies!

As outlined in previous installments, I purchased a few hundred promotional stills that have had their title captions trimmed off. Some I recognize, most I don't. It's up to my faithful readership to help me decipher what they're promoting. Hell, solve enough of 'em and maybe I'll send you some of the duplicates I received!

For those not familiar with promo stills, they occasionally carry a helpful hint or two. Some are branded with a cataloging code of letters and numbers which usually signify an abbreviation of the title (sometimes a retitling) and, if you're especially lucky, maybe the year of release (not to be confused with year of production). And that's pretty much all we have to go on...

The twenty-first batch is below; let's see what you've got!

#101: No Markings!
Euro Fever's John Melle solves this mystery by identifying Peter Baldwin and Evelyn Stewart in Michele Lupo's The Weekend Murders (1970)! An unusual, almost parodic giallo, the film plays out as an Edgar Wallace or Agatha Christie-styled thriller dealing with a family gathering centered around the reading of a will, and the bodies that pile up soon after. For years you could only see its tantalizing trailer, but Code Red eventually gave the film a needed rescue, issuing it on DVD -- though it's now OOP and getting silly money. (See also: #5.)

#102: KM-26 

#103: No Markings! 

#104: W.K.-3 

#105: VP-22
A big high five to reader Mike Mac, who somehow managed to sync this image up with a German poster for Sergio Grieco's The Violent Patriot (1958)! Vittorio Gassman headlines the story of true life Italian folk hero and military mercenary Giovanni De Medici aka Giovanni dalle Bande Nere (Giovanni of the Black Bands -- the film's original title). This tale finds him seeking revenge on the traitor who duped him into believing war was still raging, causing acts which could be considered... questionable. Long unavailable, Something Weird Video did eventually liberate this one as part of their "Historical Hellraisers" series. 

Like what you see? Be sure and check out our previous Grab Bag Photos, some of which are still unidentified. And don't forget, our Upcoming Releases List (the best on the 'net) is constantly updated, so stop by and pre-order some cool stuff!

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  1. #101 shows Peter Baldwin and Evelyn Stewart (Ida Galli) in Michele Lupo's giallo satire THE WEEKEND MURDERS (1970).

  2. Is #105 Sergio Grieco's Giovanni dalle bande nere/The Violent Patriot? I found a poster for the US version with a guy in the center wearing a costume that looks similar to those worn by the three men in #105; I also found a still from the US release that looks like it might have come from the same movie.



    (Please feel free to delete the links if they don't work, or shouldn't be there for some reason.)

  3. Oh- I just noticed that the "links" above don't really show up as links. Oops. Anyhow, I just noticed that this poster for the German version of Giovanni dalle bande nere is a modified version of #105:


  4. You guys never cease to amaze me! I'll try to get the post updated tonight!