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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Upcoming DVD & Blu-Ray Releases of Note


Disclaimer:  All release dates are subject to change. Get over it.

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January 8th, 2019:
8mm (Shout Factory)
24 Frames (Criterion)
24 Frames (Criterion)
Blind Date (Scorpion)
The Car: Road to Revenge (Universal)
Castle Rock: Season One (Warner)
Castle Rock: Season One (Warner)
Castle Rock: Season One 4K (Warner)
The Great Battle (Well Go)
The Great Battle (Well Go)
Hellfest (Lionsgate)
Hellfest (Lionsgate)
Hellfest 4K (Lionsgate)
The Heroes of Telemark (Sony)
Hounds of Love (Gunpowder & Sky)
Hounds of Love (Gunpowder & Sky)
The House that Would Not Die (Kino)
The House that Would Not Die (Kino)
Judgment Night (Warner)
Jungle Holocaust (Code Red)
Let the Corpses Tan (Kino)
Let the Corpses Tan (Kino)
Nemesis (MVD)
Stay Tuned (Sony)
Silent Scream (Scorpion)
Silent Scream (Scorpion)
The Spanish Prisoner (Ammo)
Steel Arena (Code Red)
Street Law (Code Red)
What Ever Happened to Aunt Alice? (Kino)
What Ever Happened to Aunt Alice? (Kino)
Where the Day Takes You (Sony)
Willie Dynamite (Arrow)

January 15th, 2019:
American Nudes, Vol. III (Cult Epics)
Cliffhanger 4K (Sony)
Crimson Peak (Arrow)
Fiend (Massacre)
Fiend (Massacre)
The Forbidden Photos of a Lady Above Suspicion (Arrow)
Four Times that Night (Kino)
Four Times that Night (Kino)
The Glass Key (Shout Factory)
Halloween (2018) (Universal)
Halloween (2018) (Universal)
Halloween 4K (2018) (Universal)
Happy Birthday to Me (VHS Sleeve) (Mill Creek)
Hardbodies (VHS Sleeve) (Mill Creek)
Howling III: The Marsupials (Shout Factory)
Jack the Ripper (Severin)
Jack the Ripper (Severin)
Knives of the Avenger (Kino)
Knives of the Avenger (Kino)
Krull (VHS Sleeve) (Mill Creek)
The Last Action Hero (VHS Sleeve) (Mill Creek)
Mystery Science Theater 3000, Vol. IX (Shout Factory) includes Women of the Prehistoric Planet, Wild Rebels, The Sinister Urge, and The Incredibly Strange Creatures
Notorious (Criterion)
Notorious (Criterion)
Obsession (Shout Factory)
The Plague Dogs (Shout Factory)
The Plague of the Zombies (Shout Factory)
Saturday the 14th (Shout Factory)
Silent Rage (VHS Sleeve) (Mill Creek)
Who's Harry Crumb? (VHS Sleeve) (Mill Creek)

January 22nd, 2019:
4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days (Criterion)
4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days (Criterion)
10 to Midnight (Shout Factory)
Beat the Devil (Twilight Time)
Black Shampoo (VCI)
Cobra (Shout Factory)
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (Shout Factory)
Dis (Unearthed)
Dis (Unearthed)
The Giant Behemoth (Warner)
Kiss of the Tarantula (VCI)
Mikey and Nicky (Criterion)
Mikey and Nicky (Criterion)
Outpost Earth (Retromedia)
The Return of Frank James (Twilight Time)
Road House 2 (MVD)
SheBorg (Wild Eye)
Waterworld (Arrow)

January 29th, 2019:
All the Colors of Giallo (Severin)
All The Colors of the Dark (Severin)
All The Colors of the Dark (Severin)
A Climax of Blue Power (Vinegar Syndrome)
Cutting Class (Vinegar Syndrome)
Deadly Force (Shout Factory)
Ecco / The Forbidden (Severin)
Ecco / The Forbidden (Severin)
In the Heat of the Night (Criterion)
In the Heat of the Night (Criterion)
Mondo Freudo / Mondo Bizarro (Severin)
Mondo Freudo / Mondo Bizarro (Severin)
Pets (Vinegar Syndrome)
Sarah T.: Portrait of a Teenage Alcoholic (Shout Factory)
Screamers (Shout Factory)
Splatter University (Vinegar Syndrome)
Suburbia (Shout Factory)
Suspiria (2018) (Lionsgate)
There's Nothing Out There (Vinegar Syndrome)
Uninvited (Vinegar Syndrome)
Willow (Buena Vista)

February 5th, 2019:
The Benji Collection (Mill Creek)
Black '47 (Shout Factory)
Black '47 (Shout Factory)
Diamonds for Breakfast (Kino)
Diamonds for Breakfast (Kino)
Donnie Brasco (Mill Creek)
Double Dragon (MVD)
The Fifth Cord (Arrow)
The Girl in the Spider's Web (Sony)
The Girl in the Spider's Web (Sony)
Hostel / Hostel: Part II (Mill Creek)
The Hound of the Baskervilles (1929) (Flicker Alley)
Mermaid: Lake of the Dead (Shout Factory)
Mermaid: Lake of the Dead (Shout Factory)
The Possessed (Arrow)
Shame (Criterion)
Shame (Criterion)
The Sisters Brothers (Fox)
The Sisters Brothers (Fox)
Widows (Fox)
Widows (Fox)
Widows 4K (Fox)
Zachariah (Kino)
Zachariah (Kino)

February 12th, 2019:
American Nightmares (Moonstone)
American Nightmares (Moonstone)
Audition (Arrow)
Berlin Alexanderplatz (Criterion)
Blue Movie (Cult Epics)
Fright Night (Sony)
Horror Express (Arrow)
La verite (Criterion)
La verite (Criterion)
Nightflyers: Season One (Universal)
Nightflyers: Season One (Universal)
The Poison Ivy Collection (Shout Factory)
Popcorn (Steelbook) (Synapse)
Possum (Dark Sky)
Purgatory Road (Unearthed)
Purgatory Road (Unearthed)
Real Naughty Virtual Virgins (Full Moon)
Revenge of the Spacemen (Troma)
Valentine (Shout Factory)
VHS Lives 2: Undead Format (Filmlandia)
Virgin Hunters 3: Agents of Passion (Full Moon)

February 19th, 2019:
Barb Wire (Mill Creek)
Bedazzled (Twilight Time)
Color Me Blood Red / Something Weird (Arrow)
Death in Venice (Criterion)
Death in Venice (Criterion)
Dracula's Fiancée / Lost in New York (Redemption)
Dracula's Fiancée / Lost in New York (Redemption)
Iceman: The Time Traveler (Well Go)
Iceman: The Time Traveler (Well Go)
The Legend of Billie Jean (VHS Sleeve) (Mill Creek)
My Name is Julia Ross (Arrow)
Neighbors (VHS Sleeve) (Mill Creek)
The Return of the Vampire (Shout Factory)
The Rundown (Mill Creek)
Sheena (VHS Sleeve) (Mill Creek)
Skinner (Severin)
Skinner (Severin)
So Dark the Night (Arrow)
Songwriter (VHS Sleeve) (Mill Creek)
Talk Radio (Twilight Time)
Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter? (Twilight Time)

February 26th, 2019:
Battle for the Lost Planet / Mutant War (Vinegar Syndrome)
Beast of the Yellow Night (VCI)
Border (Universal)
Crazy Six / Blast (MVD)
Invasion of the Blood Farmers (Severin)
Invasion of the Blood Farmers (Severin)
The Midnight Man (Kino)
The Midnight Man (Kino)
The Mole People (Shout Factory)
Next of Kin (Severin)
Next of Kin (Severin)
Party Line (Vinegar Syndrome)
Rampant (Well Go)
Rampant (Well Go)
Showdown (MVD)
Tinseltown (Vinegar Syndrome)
To Sleep with Anger (Criterion)
To Sleep with Anger (Criterion)
Twilight of the Cockroaches (Discotek)
Used Cars (Shout Factory)
The Vengeance of She (Shout Factory)
Wacko (Vinegar Syndrome)
Willard (Shout Factory)

March 5th, 2019:
Burning (Well Go)
Burning (Well Go)
The Clovehitch Killer (Shout Factory)
The Clovehitch Killer (Shout Factory)
Kalifornia (Shout Factory)
The Prisoner (Arrow)
Sister Street Fighter Collection (Arrow) includes Sister Street Fighter, Sister Street Fighter: Hanging By A Thread, Return Of The Sister Street Fighter, and Sister Street Fighter: Fifth Level Fist
Tokyo Living Dead Idol (Section23)
Welcome to Mercy (Shout Factory)
Welcome to Mercy (Shout Factory)

March 12th, 2019:
Beyond Atlantis (VCI)
Born in East L.A. (Shout Factory)
The Brink (Well Go)
The Brink (Well Go)
The Craft (Shout Factory)
Fort Yuma Gold / Damned Hot Day of Fire (Mill Creek)
Golden Temple Amazons / Diamonds of Kilimanjaro (MVD)
The Greasy Strangler (FilmRise)
The Kid Brother (Criterion)
The Kid Brother (Criterion)
Kolobos (Arrow)
Lolita: Vibrator Torture (Synapse)
The Magic Flute (Criterion)
The Magic Flute (Criterion)
Man's Best Friend (Shout Factory)
Phantom Lady (Arrow)
Someone to Watch Over Me (Shout Factory)
Victor Goodview (Troma)
The Wild Pussycat / The Deserter (Mondo Macabro)

March 19th, 2019:
The Big Fix (Twilight Time)
The Deadly Mantis (Shout Factory)
Detour (Criterion)
Detour (Criterion)
Eagle's Wing (Scorpion)
Losin' It (Kino)
Losin' It (Kino)
The Minion (Kino)
The Minion (Kino)
Mystery Science Theater 3000: Vol. X.2 (Shout Factory) includes The Giant Gila Monster, Swamp Diamonds, Teen-Age Strangler, and The Giant Spider Invasion
The Quake (Magnolia)
The Quake (Magnolia)
The Quiller Memorandum (Twilight Time)
The River's Edge (1957) (Twilight Time)
Steel Arena (Code Red)
Strip Nude for Your Killer (Arrow)
Suppose They Gave a War and Nobody Came? (Kino)
Suppose They Gave a War and Nobody Came? (Kino)
Wanda (Criterion)
Wanda (Criterion)
The Whole Town's Talking (Twilight Time)
The Witches (Shout Factory)

March 26th, 2019:
Blood Hunger: The Films of Jose Larraz (Arrow) includes Whirlpool, The Coming of Sin, and Vampyres
The Body Snatcher (Shout Factory)
I Wanna Hold Your Hand (Criterion)
I Wanna Hold Your Hand (Criterion)
In the Cold of the Night (Vinegar Syndrome)
For a Few Dollars More (Kino)
For a Few Dollars More (Kino)
Japón (Criterion)
Japón (Criterion)
Kingdom of the Spiders (Code Red)
Life After Flash (Cleopatra)
Life After Flash (Cleopatra)
Nemesis / Angel Town (MVD)
Nemesis 2 /3 /4 (MVD)
Perfect Blue (GKIDS)
Pet Sematary (Paramount)
Power Rangers: Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger: The Complete Series (Shout Factory)
Satan's Slave (Vinegar Syndrome)
The Streetfighter Collection (Shout Factory) includes The Streetfighter, Return of the Streetfighter, and Streetfighter's Last Revenge
Warning Sign (Shout Factory)

April 2nd, 2019:
An Innocent Man (Kino)
The Man Who Killed Hitler and then The Bigfoot (Acorn)
The Man Who Killed Hitler and then The Bigfoot (Acorn)
The Man Who Killed Hitler and then The Bigfoot 4K (Acorn)
Pledge (Shout Factory)
Pledge (Shout Factory)
Rust Creek (Shout Factory)
Rust Creek (Shout Factory)

April 9th, 2019:
At the Drive-In (MVD)
Blood Lake (AGFA)
Double Impact (MVD)
Emmanuelle (Kino)
Emmanuelle 2 (Kino)
Goodbye Emmanuelle (Kino)
The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires (Shout Factory)
Mélo (Arrow)
Night on Earth (Criterion)
Noir Archive, Vol. 1: 1944-1954 (VCI) includes Address Unknown, Escape in the Fog, The Guilt of Janet James, The Black Book, Johnny Allegro, 711 Ocean Drive, The Killer That Stalked New York, Assignment Paris, and The Miami Story
Rider on the Rain (Kino)
Stranger Than Paradise (Criterion)
This Gun for Hire (Shout Factory)
Toxic Tutu (Chemical Burn)

April 16th, 2019:
Diamonds of the Night (Criterion)
Diamonds of the Night (Criterion)
Grave of the Vampire (Shout Factory)
The Manitou (Shout Factory)
Superstition (Shout Factory)

April 23rd, 2019:
The Boris Karloff / Bela Lugosi Collection (Shout Factory) includes The Black Cat, The Raven, The Invisible Ray, and Black Friday
Dead of Night (Kino)
A Face in the Crowd (Criterion)
A Face in the Crowd (Criterion)
The Green Inferno (Shout Factory)
The House of the Seven Gables (Kino)
The Land Unknown (Kino)
Paradise Alley (Shout Factory)
Scream and Scream Again (Kino)

April 30th, 2019:
The Brain (Shout Factory)
Darkroom (Vinegar Syndrome)
Highway Patrolman (Kino)
Khrustalyov, My Car! (Arrow)
Kuffs (Shout Factory)
My Brilliant Career (Criterion)
My Brilliant Career (Criterion)
Never-Ending Man: Hayao Miyazaki (Shout Factory)
Police Story / Police Story 2 (Criterion)
Police Story / Police Story 2 (Criterion)
Tarantula (Shout Factory)

May 7th, 2019:
Black Hawk Down 4K (Sony)
Kind Hearts and Coronets (Kino)
The Lavender Hill Mob (Kino)
The Man in the White Suit (Kino)

May 14th, 2019:
The Bigamist (Kino)
Boogie Boy (MVD)
The Found Footage Festival, Vol. 7 & 8 (FFF)
The Hitch-Hiker (Remastered) (Kino)
Mark Borchardt's The Dundee Project (FFF)
Mortuary (FilmRise)
Mortuary (FilmRise)
Not Wanted (Kino)
Wakaliwood Supa Action, Vol. 1: Who Killed Captain Alex? / Bad Black (AGFA)

May 21st, 2019:
Clockers (Kino)
Crooklyn (Kino)
Jungle Fever (Kino)
Mo' Better Blues (Kino)
Summer of Sam (Kino)

May 28th, 2019:
The Landlord (Kino)
Midas Run (Kino)
A Record of Sweet Murder (Unearthed)
A Record of Sweet Murder (Unearthed)
Ring of Bright Water (Kino)

Future Undated:
3:15: The Moment of Truth (Scorpion)
Abigail Leslie is Back in Town / Laura's Toys (Film Movement)
Akio Jissoji: The Buddhist Trilogy (Arrow)
Alice in Wonderland (Synapse)
The All American Girl / The All American Woman (Vinegar Syndrome)
American Rampage / Danger U.S.A. (Massacre)
The Andy Milligan Collection (Severin) including Bloodthirsty Butchers, Torture Dungeon, The Man with Two Heads, The Rats are Coming, the Werewolves are Here, and more!
Aroused / Fly Now, Pay Later (SWV/AGFA)
Arsenic and Old Lace (Criterion)
Assignment Terror (Scorpion)
L'Atlantide (Arrow)
Attack of the Robots (Kino)
Big Bad Mama II (Shout Factory)
Black Moon Rising (Kino)
Blackout (Code Red)
Blood on Melies' Moon (Reelgore)
Blood on Satan's Claw (Severin)
Blood Stalkers (Garagehouse)
Bloodeaters (Massacre) aka Toxic Zombies
Blue Summer (Vinegar Syndrome)
Boris Godounov (Mondo Vision)
Brick (Kino)
The Brides Wore Blood (Retromedia)
Bucktown (Scorpion)
The Bushwhacker / The Ravager (Mondo Macabro)
Butterflies / Bibi (Film Movement)
California Split (Criterion)
Cannibal! The Musical (Troma)
The Card Player (Scorpion)
Career Bed (Vinegar Syndrome)
The Champagne Murders (Kino)
The Change (Massacre)
Charley Varrick (Kino)
City of the Dead (Cohen)
City of the Living Dead (Scorpion)
Cloistered Nun: Sexual Frustration in a Black Robe (Synapse)
Come and See (Criterion)
Conquest (Scorpion)
Coonskin (Vinegar Syndrome)
The Corruption of Chris Miller (Vinegar Syndrome)
Crazy Nuns (Redemption)
Creature from Black Lake (Synapse)
Crimes of the Black Cat (Dorado)
Crocodile (Synapse)
Crooklyn (Kino)
Cruising (Arrow)
The Curious Dr. Humpp / Room of Chains (SWV/AGFA)
Curse III: Panga (Scorpion)
Daddy Darling / The Indelicate Balance (Film Movement)
Dangerous Cargo (Mondo Macabro)
The Danish Connection (Vinegar Syndrome)
The Dark Side of the Moon (Unearthed)
The Day the Earth Caught Fire (Cohen)
Dead and Buried (Remastered) (Blue Underground)
The Dead Pit (Code Red)
The Deadly Spawn (Synapse)
Death Game (Grindhouse)
Death Row Diner (Massacre)
Deep Space (Scorpion)
The Devil (Massacre)
The Devil (Mondo Vision)
Devil's Due (Vinegar Syndrome)
The Devil's Nightmare (Mondo Macabro)
A Different Story (Scorpion)
Django the Bastard (Synapse)
Doctor Cyclops (Kino)
Don Giovanni (Olive)
Don't Go Near the Park (Severin)
Don't Play Us Cheap (Vinegar Syndrome)
Dracula vs. Frankenstein (Severin)
Dracula's Fiancee (Redemption)
The Dragon Lives (Synapse)
Dust Devil (Severin)
Edge of the Axe (Arrow)
The Electric Chair / The Guy from Harlem (SWV/AGFA)
Family Enforcer (Grindhouse)
Fantasex (Distribpix)
The Farmer (Scorpion)
Ferris Bueller's Day Off (Criterion)
The Final Countdown (Remastered) (Blue Underground)
Final Stab (Massacre)
Firestorm (Distribpix)
Fleshpot on 42nd Street / Guru, the Mad Monk (AGFA)
Flight Attendant: Hold Me Like an Animal (Synapse)
Flower and Snake (Synapse)
Foes (Garagehouse)
Forced Entry (Code Red)
Funny Games (Criterion)
The Fury of the Wolf Man (Scorpion)
Gas Pump Girls (Scorpion)
The Girl Slaves of Morgana le Fay (Mondo Macabro)
Go For It! (Vinegar Syndrome)
The Great Escape (Criterion)
Group Marriage (Vinegar Syndrome)
Gwendoline (Severin)
Hail! (Synapse)
The Headless Ghost (Synapse)
Hedwig and the Angry Inch (Criterion)
High Crime (Dorado)
The Horrible Sexy Vampire (Dorado)
Horror / The Strangler of the Tower (Retromedia) aka The Blanchville Monster
Horror High (Vinegar Syndrome)
Horrors of the Black Museum (Synapse)
Hot Dog ... The Movie (Synapse)
I'll Never Die Alone (Synapse)
The Ice House (Grindhouse)
Inga / The Seduction of Inga (Film Movement)
The Killer Butterfly (Mondo Macabro)
The Kindred (Synapse)
Klute (Criterion)
Knife of Ice (Dorado)
Kundun (Kino)
Land of Doom (Scorpion)
The Last House on Dead End Street (Vinegar Syndrome) 
Le Doulos (Kino)
The Legend of Hillbilly John (Kino)
Let's Kill Uncle (Kino)
Lialeh (Code Red)
Live Like a Cop, Die Like a Man (Raro)
Lizard's Leg and Owlet's Wing (Retromedia)
Loose Ends (Vinegar Syndrome)
Love After Death / Sex on the Groove Tube (SWV/AGFA)
Love Hunter (Synapse)
The Mafu Cage (Scorpion)
Mark of the Werewolf (Code Red)
Massacre at Central High (Synapse)
McBain (Synapse)
Mirror, Mirror (Dark Force)
Misty (Code Red)
The Monster at Camp Sunshine / Professor Lust (SWV/AGFA)
Moonlighting Wives (Code Red)
Moonlighting Wives / The Naked Fog (Film Movement)
Mr. No Legs (Massacre)
The Mummy's Revenge (Scorpion)
Murder by Music (Dorado)
Naked Alibi (Kino)
The Naked Zoo (Vinegar Syndrome)
Necromania (SWV/AGFA)
New York Ripper (Remastered) (Blue Underground)
Night of the Bloody Apes (VCI)
Night Pulse (Massacre)
Nightmare / Dog Tags (Massacre)
Nightmare Beach (Kino)
Nine Lives of a Wet Pussy (Vinegar Syndrome)
Nude for Satan (Redemption)
A Nun's Diary: Confession (Synapse)
Nurse Girls Dorm: Shamed Angel (Synapse)
The Odd Triangle / Desire Under the Palms (Film Movement) 
Opera (Scorpion)
Ostermontag (Massacre)
Patty (Synapse)
Pelvis (Vinegar Syndrome)
The Phantom of the Opera (Scorpion)
Phobia (Kino)
The Photographer (Grindhouse)
Polyester (Criterion)
Porno Holocaust (Code Red)
Pot! Parents! Police! / The Devil's Joint (SWV/AGFA)
The Psychic (Scorpion) aka Seven Notes in Black
The Punishment (Mondo Macabro)
Queens of Evil (Mondo Macabro)
Raven's End (Olive)
The Real Bruce Lee (Severin)
The Reflecting Skin (Film Movement)
Rituals (Scorpion)
Robocop (Arrow)
Robot Holocaust (Scorpion)
Robot Ninja (Tempe)
Rooms for Tourists (Synapse)
The Running Man (1963) (Arrow)
Running Time (Synapse)
Satanis, the Devil's Mass / Voodoo Black Exorcist (SWV/AGFA)
Satantango (Arbelos)
Satan's Children / Things to Come (SWV/AGFA)
Scream Bloody Murder (Grindhouse)
Screams of a Winter Night (Code Red)
Scum of the Earth (Grindhouse) aka Poor White Trash II
A Serbian Film (Unearthed)
Seven from Texas (Dorado)
Sexual Assault! 13 Hours (Synapse)
The Shadowed Mind (Mondo Macabro)
She Mob / Hotter After Dark (SWV/AGFA)
Shining Sex (Severin)
Short Films of Alex de Renzy (Vinegar Syndrome)
Shredder (Scorpion)
Silent Death (Vinegar Syndrome)
The Silent Partner (Kino)
The Silver Globe (Mondo Vision)
Sins of the Flesh (Mondo Macabro)
Sixteen Candles (Criterion)
Slaughter of the Innocents (Synapse)
Sleepless (Scorpion)
Snake Sisters (Mondo Macabro)
Sorority House Massacre 2 / Hard to Die (Shout Factory)
Southland Tales (Arrow)
Star of David: Beauty Hunting (Synapse)
The Stationmaster's Wife (Olive)
The Steel-Fisted Dragon (Synapse)
Stick (Kino)
Storm of the Century (Kino)
Story of a Three-Day Pass (Vinegar Syndrome)
The Strange Door (Kino)
Street People (Kino)
Suicide Dolls (Massacre)
Supercock (Garagehouse)
Surf Nazis Must Die! (Troma)
Swedish Wildcats / Siv and Anne and Sven (Film Movement)
Sweet Charity (Kino)
Taking Tiger Mountain (Vinegar Syndrome)
Tales of a Salesman / Voices of Desire (SWV/AGFA)
The Tamarind Seed (Scorpion)
Teenage Hitchhikers (Code Red)
Terminal Island (Vinegar Syndrome)
Terror Train (Scorpion)
The Third Part of the Night (Mondo Vision)
Thirst (Kino)
To Be Twenty (Raro)
Today We Kill, Tomorrow We Die (Synapse)
Tokyo Caligula (Synapse)
Touch of Death (Raro)
Tower of Evil (Remastered) (Scorpion)
The Tough Ones (Grindhouse) aka Assault with a Deadly Weapon
Trailers from Hell (Synapse)
Transylvania 6-5000 (Kino)
Trilogy of Terror II (Kino)
True Story of a Prostitute: Tears (Synapse)
True Story of a Woman in Jail: The Hell of Love (Synapse)
Tuff Turf (Kino)
Twist of Fate (Kino)
Two Evil Eyes (Remastered) (Blue Underground)
Undertaker (Synapse)
Unmasked Part 25 (Vinegar Syndrome)
The Unnamable II (Unearthed)
The Usual Suspects (Criterion)
Vice Squad (Shout Factory)
Wanted: Dead or Alive (Kino)
Watch 'Em Die (Synapse)
Watch Me When I Kill (Synapse)
Waterpower (Code Red)
The Wild Pussycat / The Deserter (Mondo Macabro)
The Wild, Wild World of Jayne Mansfield (Severin)
Woman in Prison (Synapse)
Woman in the Box (Syanpse)
Woman in the Box 2 (Synapse)
Working Girls (Vinegar Syndrome)
The World's Most Beautiful Swindlers (Olive)
Young Warriors (Severin)
Zoom Up: Graduation (Synapse)
Zoom Up: Seiko's Thighs (Synapse)
Zoom Up: Sexual Assault Site (Synapse)

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