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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Upcoming DVD & Blu-Ray Releases of Note


Disclaimer:  All release dates are subject to change. Get over it.

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Future Undated:
Abigail Leslie is Back in Town / Laura's Toys (Film Movement)
After Hours (Criterion)
Alice in Wonderland (Synapse)
The All American Girl / The All American Woman (Vinegar Syndrome)
Aroused / Fly Now, Pay Later (SWV/AGFA)
Arsenic and Old Lace (Criterion)
L'Atlantide (Arrow)
The Balcony (Kino)
Beyond Therapy (Scorpion)
Blondedeath (AGFA)
Blood on Melies' Moon (Reelgore)
Blue Summer (Vinegar Syndrome)
Boris Godounov (Mondo Vision)
The Brides Wore Blood (Retromedia)
Butterflies / Bibi (Film Movement)
California Split (Criterion)
Cannibal! The Musical (Troma)
Cards of Death (AGFA)
Career Bed (Vinegar Syndrome)
The Change (Massacre)
City of the Dead (Cohen)
Cloistered Nun: Sexual Frustration in a Black Robe (Synapse)
The Convent (Synapse)
Coonskin (Vinegar Syndrome)
Crazy Nuns (Redemption)
Creature from Black Lake (Synapse)
Crocodile (Synapse)
Cross Shot (Raro)
Crossed Swords (Kino)
Daddy Darling / The Indelicate Balance (Film Movement)
The Danish Connection (Vinegar Syndrome)
The Deadly Spawn (Synapse)
Death Game (Grindhouse)
Death Row Diner (Massacre)
The Devil (Mondo Vision)
Devil's Due (Vinegar Syndrome)
A Different Story (Scorpion)
Don Giovanni (Olive)
Don't Go Near the Park (Severin)
Don't Play Us Cheap (Vinegar Syndrome)
The Dragon Lives (Synapse)
The Electric Chair / The Guy from Harlem (SWV/AGFA)
Falchi: Falcons Special Squad (Raro)
Family Enforcer (Grindhouse)
The Farmer (Scorpion)
Ferris Bueller's Day Off (Criterion)
Get Crazy! (Kino)
The Girl Slaves of Morgana le Fay (Mondo Macabro)
Go For It! (Vinegar Syndrome)
The Great Kidnapping (Raro)
Group Marriage (Vinegar Syndrome)
Hail! (Synapse)
The Headless Ghost (Synapse)
Hollywood 90028 (Grindhouse) aka Twisted Throats
Horror / The Strangler of the Tower (Retromedia) aka The Blanchville Monster
Horror High (Vinegar Syndrome)
Horrors of the Black Museum (Synapse)
I'll Never Die Alone (Synapse)
The Ice House (Grindhouse)
Inga / The Seduction of Inga (Film Movement)
Intrepidos Punks (Vinegar Syndrome)
It Happened One Weekend (Grindhouse)
Killers (Synapse)
The Last House on Dead End Street (Vinegar Syndrome)
The Legend of Hillbilly John (Kino)
Live Like a Cop, Die Like a Man (Raro)
Loose Ends (Vinegar Syndrome)
Love After Death / Sex on the Groove Tube (SWV/AGFA)
Mark of the Werewolf (Code Red)
Massacre at Central High (Synapse)
McBain (Synapse)
Me, Natalie (Kino)
Men Behind the Sun (Massacre)
Misty (Code Red)
The Monster at Camp Sunshine / Professor Lust (SWV/AGFA)
Moonlighting Wives (Code Red)
Moonlighting Wives / The Naked Fog (Film Movement)
Naples...The Camorra Challenges, the City Hits Back (Raro)
Necromania (SWV/AGFA)
Never Steal Anything Small (Kino)
Night Pulse (Massacre)
Nightmare / Dog Tags (Massacre)
Nude for Satan (Redemption)
Number 17 (Kino)
The Odd Triangle / Desire Under the Palms (Film Movement)
Ostermontag (Massacre)
The Other Side of the Wind (Criterion)
A Pain in the Ass (Kino)
Patty (Synapse)
The Photographer (Grindhouse)
Piazza Vittorio (Raro)
Pot! Parents! Police! / The Devil's Joint (SWV/AGFA)
The Punishment (Mondo Macabro)
Raven's End (Olive)
The Real Bruce Lee (Severin)
Return from the Ashes (Kino)
Rooms for Tourists (Synapse)
Room of Chains (SWV/AGFA)
Satantango (Arbelos)
Scream Bloody Murder (Grindhouse)
Scum of the Earth (Grindhouse) aka Poor White Trash II
The Secret Ways (Kino)
Sexual Assault! 13 Hours (Synapse)
The Shadowed Mind (Mondo Macabro)
Short Films of Alex de Renzy (Vinegar Syndrome)
Silent Death (Vinegar Syndrome)
The Silver Globe (Mondo Vision)
Snake Sisters (Mondo Macabro)
Sorority House Massacre 2 / Hard to Die (Shout Factory)
The Stationmaster's Wife (Olive)
The Steel-Fisted Dragon (Synapse)
Story of a Three-Day Pass (Vinegar Syndrome)
Suicide Dolls (Massacre)
Swedish Wildcats / Siv and Anne and Sven (Film Movement)
T.A.G.: The Assassination Game (Synapse)
Tales of a Salesman / Voices of Desire (SWV/AGFA)
Times Square (Kino)
The Third Part of the Night (Mondo Vision)
To Be Twenty (Raro)
Today We Kill, Tomorrow We Die (Synapse)
Tombs of the Blind Dead (Synapse)
Trailers from Hell (Synapse)
True Story of a Woman in Jail: The Hell of Love (Synapse)
Twist of Fate (Kino)
2+5 Mission Hydra (Raro) aka Star Pilot
The Unnamable II (Unearthed)
The Usual Suspects (Criterion)
Violent Life (Raro)
Voodoo Black Exorcist (AGFA)
Watch 'Em Die (Synapse)
Waterpower (Code Red)
The Whisperers (Kino)
Who Works is Lost (Raro)
Working Girls (Vinegar Syndrome)
The World's Most Beautiful Swindlers (Olive)
Young Warriors (Severin)

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  1. AGFA/SWV has confirmed to me that they will release a Blu-ray of Ed Wood's rare TAKE IT OUT IN TRADE (1970) sometime in 2018. You might want to list it in your
    Future Undated section of Cinema Arcana.

    1. Added the other day -- I imagine it'll have the complete Outtakes that SWV sells, plus a Rudolph Grey / Frank Henenlotter commentary, and Ed Wood trailers. Definitely looking forward to these SWV / AGFA collaborations!

  2. Fred Olen Ray will be releasing a DVD version of RAT FINK on January 23rd, 2018, according to Amazon.com.

    1. Thanks! Updated everything today -- been on vacation all week!

  3. THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING MAN (1957) is being released as a Blu-ray by Arrow Films on November 14th. I don't see it on your list.

    1. That's a U.K.-only release. My list only covers U.S. discs -- keeping up with international releases as well would be a nightmare! Fantastic movie, though; I'll definitely be grabbing their Blu!

  4. Kino will release both the original theatrical and later "musicalized" versions of JACK THE GIANT KILLER (1962) on a Blu-ray disc in 2018.

    1. I saw -- it's about time we get a release with both versions!

  5. A spokesman for SWV just emailed me and said that TAKE IT OUT IN TRADE will be released in November of 2018 by AGFA/SWV.

    Given the time of year, I wonder if it will become a hot stocking-stuffer for the holiday season?

    1. I'm still patiently waiting for THE FARMER to someday see the day of light for that longly awaited DVD/Blu ray release(unless another company buys it out of Scorpion Releasing's hands[since Scorpion are taking forever to release that film{unless they decide to eventually release it alongside HUMAN EXPERIMENTS in the next 20 years}]).

    2. You and me, both! I was under the impression HUMAN EXPERIMENTS should be coming soon, so at least there's that.

    3. It's now in the Coming Soon on Ronin Flix. Kino is supposed to be distributing a DVD edition.

  6. Do you think "Forced Entry" will be released anytime soon?

    1. Haha, who the heck knows? They recorded the commentary over a decade ago!

    2. OK thanks anyway. I thought you might have some inside info!

  7. You might want to list THE BUBBLE (roadshow edition) in the future undated file. Bob Furmanek just commented that the extra footage in original film elements (perhaps 12 more minutes of footage, I believe) is currently being scanned for a restored Blu-ray release. The previous Blu-ray was struck from the more common shorter edition.

    IIRC, the original uncut film materials had belonged to star Deborah Walley!

  8. To update my previous note, I believe that the roadshow version is actually 21 minutes longer, rather than 12 minutes.

    1. That's pretty significant! Will the new disc also be through Kino?

  9. There hasn't been a specific label announced, although I think that Kino would be the logical company for such a release.

  10. Snappy Video has announced they're doing blu-rays of Angels Die Hard and Bury Me An Angel. Don't know how it will play out since I thought Roger Corman owned these two films. Then I thought Shout has rights to Bury Me An Angel,but is one of the Corman titles they're sitting on due to sales on being good on Corman titles? https://swatthefly.wixsite.com/website

  11. I don't think that THE COLOSSUS OF RHODES is streeting today. In fact, I don't think that a street date for it has been announced as of yet.

    1. Thanks for the reminder -- I've been meaning to bump that and DARK OF THE SUN to the Undated section but kept forgetting!

  12. One person on another forum thinks that DARK OF THE SUN (and maybe COLOSSUS OF RHODES?) might street on May 29th. However, I've seen no official confirmation of that.

  13. Does this site only list US upcoming releases? There are some good titles coming out soon in the UK which would be of interest to readers of this board.

  14. Amazon is now accepting preorders for MANSFIELD 66/67, a documentary about Jayne's dalliance with Anton LaVey and the Church of Satan. Street date is July 3rd, next week. The film also covers her last two years.

  15. according to a Kino insider, both WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO AUNT ALICE and THE GRISSOM GANG have been delayed from October, unfortunately.

  16. WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO AUNT ALICE now has a street date of January 8th, 2019.

  17. Here's a few titles that deserve to be on this awesome list, The Streetfighter series from Shout!Factory, Lialeh and Water Power from Code Red. Thanks again for this list of awesomeness. Happy Holidays!

  18. For some reason I wasn't receiving email notifications regarding these messages -- apologies if you thought I was ignoring you! Thanks for the input!

  19. does any company have the Republics Captain America serial on their upcoming list? VCI was trying for the rights at one time.

    1. Not that I've seen. They were released on DVD in the UK if you can play PAL, though.

  20. According to a Kino spokesperson, HERCULES IN THE HAUNTED WORLD is being delayed from August 20th. No reason given, or new street date specified as of yet.

    1. Yeah, I just read that this morning. According to Tim Lucas, it's being postponed for the inclusion of another extra and should be worth the delay.

  21. Get Crazy(1983) is supposed to be coming soon from Kino Lorber.

    1. I read that, but forgot to add it. Thanks! Great movie -- I can't wait to pick it up.

  22. A couple of upcoming titles I don't see listed:


  23. looks like Severin has found an Italian, uncut version of WEREWOLF IN A GIRLS'S DORMITORY.

  24. EEGAH-THE NAME WRITTEN IN BLOOD Blu-ray release from the Film Detective now has a street date of Nov. 26th.

  25. Wasn't it already available from them before?

  26. Maestro, Film Detective did previously release the film on DVD. This new release is in the Blu-ray format. The new transfer is described as "a 4K restoration," but it might be from the same elements that yielded the DVD. I do think that the extras are new, at least the interview with Arch Hall, Jr. However, I don't have a copy of their DVD, so I'm speculating about that.

  27. The upcoming Film Detective Blu of EEGAH is a brand new restoration from the original camera negative, recently unearthed by Something Weird Video.

  28. Great news, if accurate. I assume that the OCN hasn't previously been accessed for the PD releases of EEGAH. I wonder if SWV unearthed any other Arch Hall or Ray Dennis Steckler negatives, as well?

  29. GOLIATH AND THE VAMPIRES will be a 4K remaster coming from Kino in 2020.

    1. I put it on the list the other day as SAMSON VS. THE VAMPIRES, since that seems to be what Kino are calling it. Fun flick, though -- can't wait to see its new remaster!

    2. And thanks for keeping an eye out for me!

  30. Well, I had looked for it as either GOLIATH AND THE VAMIRES or MACISTE VS. THE VAMPIRES. I wasn't looking for Samson!

    1. Haha, who would?! It's probably the least-used title for the film!

  31. For your listing of The Al Adamson Masterpiece Collection, I see that you didn't list NURSES FOR SALE, which appears on disc 9 according to their official trailer preview.

    1. Thanks! Updated, plus corrected the order of the films in the set.

  32. HORRORS OF SPIDER ISLAND (Severin)--May 26
    LET'S KILL UNCLE (Kino)--June 2
    KISS OF THE VAMPIRE CE (Scream Factory)--July 14

  33. No new additions or updates to this list?

  34. Just wondering if I missed an announcement that the list would no longer be updated? If so, is there a comparable resource?

  35. Sad to see this great resource languishing... I hope Mr. Holecheck is okay.

  36. This page really seems to be dead now... R.I.P.

  37. Sorry, been a crazy year -- working on an update, but Blogspot's changes aren't making things any easier.

  38. This comment has been removed by the author.

  39. Great to see this site on the mend!

  40. I guess I spoke prematurely. No changes here in the last 8 months.