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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Project: IVC


New York-based Imperial Video Corp. (not to be confused with the later Imperial Entertainment) was yet another short-lived outfit who specialized in obscurity.  Releasing an even dozen tapes over the course of 1983, most of their output seems pulled from the libraries of theatrical distributors International Producers Corporation and Burbank International Pictures, and their twelve titles ran the gamut from German sex comedies to weird documentaries to kid's flicks to low-budget Ameritrash.  Showcasing work from directors like Jess Franco, Al Adamson and Claude Mulot, they seem tailor-made for cult film fanatics and the rarity of their tapes ranks their collectibility high among VHS devotees.

Strangely, their address seems to change from Farmingdale, NY to Bethpage and back again over the run of their line.  Also, I wonder if they didn't get in some trouble over the self-appointed ratings that adorn several of their covers; later tapes have a supplemental stick-on stating, "THIS FILM NOT RATED BY MPAA."  

I'll be frequently updating this list with links to each individual release, including cover scans, exact runtime information, alternate titles, etc.  Keep checking back, or become a follower to ensure you don't miss anything!

Imperial Video Corp.:

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1 comment:

  1. I have an extra copy of THE DOWN-IN-THE-HOLE GANG if anyone is looking for it.