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Sunday, July 22, 2012

The VHS Archives: Bob Clark's DEATHDREAM (1974)


Bob Clark's Dead of Night (1974)

The VHS Archives Factsheet
Label: Gorgon Video
Catalog: MP3054
Box Type: Clamshell
Year of Release: ?
Runtime: 88:03
Print: 1.33:1 / English / No subs
Extras: None

About the Film
Director: Bob Clark
Year of Release: 1974
Country of Origin: Canada
Stars: Richard Backus, John Marley, Lynn Carlin, Anya Ormsby, Jane Daly
AKAs: Death Dream, Dead of Night, The Night Andy Came Home, The Dead Walk, The VeteranDeath Behind the Door, Blood Lust

Verbatim Box Synopsis
Imagine the horror of a family receiving the news that their son was killed in action while fighting in Vietnam. Now imagine what happens when the young man returns home. The result is initial joy, followed by a creeping terror as local women are ruthlessly murdered in the night, their bodies drained of all blood! Now imagine the ultimate horror -- a father, played Academy Award winner John Marley, who realizes his only son is a murdering vampire!
Can he bring himself to drive a stake through the heart of his only child? The answer to that lies in one of the most shocking climaxes you will ever see. A well crafted thriller with special make-up effects by Tom Savini (Creepshow, Dawn of the Dead), Deathdream is the stuff that nightmares are made of. 

U.S Gorgon Video / MPI sleeve! 

Original U.S. Gorgon Video artwork, recently unearthed by MPI!

Japanese Victor sleeve! 

U.K. Intervision Video Limited sleeve, taken from Critical Condition!

U.K. Exploited sleeve, courtesy of It's Only a Movie

Dutch Video for Pleasure sleeve, originally scanned by "brucecampbell"! 

Dutch WM Video sleeve, courtesy Hans-Jorn Reimer and his Danish Ex-Rental VHS Appreciation Group!

Swedish Mac Video sleeve. originally scanned by "videohunter"! 

Danish Krone Video sleeve, also from Critical Condition!

Finnish Wolftracks KY sleeve, courtesy of Joe Spina!

French Fantastic Video / RCA sleeve, originally scanned by "anarkotiko21"! 

French GCR Distribution sleeve, originally scanned by "ROTOR"!

German Skyline Video sleeve, courtesy of Monster Brains

Spanish Crown Films & Home Video sleeve!

Theatrical trailer, uploaded by Blue Underground!

Looking for Deathdream on VHS? It's available on Amazon here. There's also a nice special edition DVD available from Blue Underground.

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  1. Great website, well done! Even when I find something I'm not looking for, I find a heap on information and great sleeve art :)

  2. Thoughtful blog, thanks for posting.