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Monday, June 21, 2010

It's Name that Movie Monday! Challenge #1.


A new feature I hope you'll enjoy:  it's Name that Movie Monday!

I'll be scanning a different promotional still every week; your job, should you choose to accept it, is simply try to identify the film it's advertising in the comment section below.  As the week progresses, I'll add a hint or two about its distribution history. 

If it proves popular, I'll see about digging out some goodies from the Archives to reward repeat winners.  I plan to keep things reasonably obscure; this place ain't called Cinema Arcana for nothin'!

Below is the first photo.  Good luck!


Congrats to Will Wilson, who correctly identified William Dear & Thomas L. Dyke's Northville Cemetery Massacre (1976), a fun, offbeat made-in-Michigan biker epic whose various squib-filled shootouts play like Peckinpah-for-a-buck.  Starting life in the early '70s as Freedom R.I.P., the movie eventually saw theatrical release from The Cannon Group, Inc., who touted its "country music score" by ex-Monkee Michael Nesmith.  The still above is actually reversed from the way it screens in the film proper; I guess someone at Cannon thought it was more aesthetically pleasing this way.  On home video the title made its way to VHS through Paragon Video, and VCI put it back into circulation a few years ago with a nice DVD issue that contains several commentaries and other extras.  It's well worth picking up.

See you next Monday!

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  1. Hrmm... no guesses so far? Well, Hint #1: This film was distributed theatrically by the Cannon Group, Inc.

  2. I'm stumped, but it looks kickass.