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Friday, July 22, 2011

The VHS Archives: Luigi Batzella's SS EXPERIMENT CAMP 2 (1977)


Luigi Batzella's La bestia in calore (1977)

The VHS Archives Factsheet
Label: Mogul Communications, Inc.
Catalog: MOG1018
Box Type: Clamshell
Year of Release: 1987
Runtime: 77:27
Print: 1.33:1 / English / No subs
Extras: None

About the Film
Director: Luigi Batzella
Year of Release: 1977
Country of Origin: Italy
Stars: Macha Magall, Xiro Papas, Salvatore Baccaro, Gino Turini, Brad Harris, Brigitte Skay
AKAs: The Beast in Heat, SS Hell Camp, Horrifying Experiments of the SS Last Days, Nazi Holocaust

Verbatim Box Synopsis
A terrifying story of violence and madness set in a camp of re-inforced concrete and wire during World War II.

Some of the prisoners got out -- the lucky few -- and some of them didn't, those who didn't were left to suffer the isolation of the concentration camp and the ruthlessness of Hitler's elite band of Nazi guards.

This is the story of those who didn't escape.  A story of the destruction of men and history and the Nazi pledge to shock and plunder.

U.S. Mogul sleeve!

U.S. Video City Productions sleeve!

U.K. JVI Video Films sleeve, courtesy of the Grindhouse Database

South Korean NVC sleeve, originally scanned by "gialloboy"!

Danish Video Action / Videogram sleeve, courtesy of Hans-Jorn Reimer and his Danish Ex-Rental VHS Appreciation Group!

French Assaut Video sleeve, taken from Nanarland!

Greek AGM Home Video sleeve, originally scanned by ""!

DVD trailer, uploaded by "Jewbo23"!

Though this tape isn't readily available, Media Blasters issued an excellent uncut DVD that is well worth picking up!  Get it by itself, or in a Nazi Nasty triple-pack!

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