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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Deep Inside the LOVE CAVE (in Eroticolor)


The pain... the pleasure...

As I noted in my last post, I recently acquired literally hundreds of sexploitation stills, most for titles I've never even heard of.  The majority seem to be redubbed French and German romps; Max Pecas, Jean-Marie Pallardy, Erwin Dietrich, etc. are all well-represented, along with the schoolgirls and their reports, bored housewives, lonely salesmen, and even the spouse of a coal minor [sic]. 

Others are a bit more puzzling, and one in particular really has me curious: Love Cave, whose amusingly literal title makes for an awesomely filthy double-entendre. (Or I just have the mentality of a seventh grader. Your call.)  It's actually rougher looking than the rest; its name conjurs up a different image than the photos represent, but I don't know if Rape Cave would've gone over very well.

So far, I haven't been able to turn up anything regarding its identity. Its distributor is listed as Danton Films Limited, a Canadian outfit.  The photos indicate a '74 release, though it may not have hit Canada until '75.  Based on the clothing and hair, I would wager it was filmed several years earlier. 

Here are the pictures; hopefully someone out there has some information to contribute about this one! (You have to love the hand-scribbled underwear printed onto the photos.)

The second still down actually isn't mine; I found it at One Sheet Index and have included it here (reframed and cleaned up) for completeness.


John Charles sent along a newspaper ad for Love Cave, paired with something called Under Cover Girls, from the July 11, 1975 edition of The Toronto Star.

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  1. Nothing at the MPAA database, and nothing at the US Copyright Office's searchable database, either. (Though the Copyright Office's online listings get a little selective to pre-1978 titles. And I'm not driving to DC to manually search through their card catalog for this one!)

  2. John Charles sent along the following information from the Ontario Censor Board:

    Date Classified: Mar 6, 1975
    Film Number: 1975021995
    Distributor / Submitter / Exhibitor: DANTON FILMS LTD.
    ...Running Time (min): 95
    Format: 35MM
    Language: ENGLISH
    Classification: RESTRICTED

    He was also nice enough to scan a newspaper advertisement, which I've added to the main post. Thanks, John!

  3. This blog is amazing...great job. I MUST find this flick!

  4. Thanks for the kind words -- I really appreciate it! And I'm happy to hear I'm not the only one intrigued by LOVE CAVE, haha.

  5. I am also intrigued. If anyone finds it let me know.