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Cinema Arcana presents The VHS Archives


It blows my mind that after all these years there's still no comprehensive VHS database that relies on hard fact instead of hearsay and supposition.  Catalog numbers, cover scans, exact runtimes, retitlings -- in our internet age, one would think this information would all be readily available.  Not so.  With this in mind, the ol' Arcana is steppin' up to the plate to see what happens.

Years and years ago I began compiling lists of VHS catalog numbers in an attempt to make things easier for collectors.  Early versions of these circulated all over the internet (usually sans credit) and were eventually published in Scott Aaron Stine's The Trashfiend's Guide to Collecting Videotapes.  It only makes sense to use these rosters as a backbone.

The first two labels in this endeavor are going to be Mogul Communications, Inc. and its subsidiaries, All American Video, Mega Video and Kidivid, and Imperial Video Corp. (IVC).  If the project is a success, I'll branch out with some others.  Feedback is encouraged!

 Coming Soon!

Latest Updates:
11.22.14: Listing added for Scandal.
10.12.14: Listing added for Bigfoot.
09.09.14: Listing added for You've Got to Have Heart.
09.07.14: Japanese and Danish sleeves added for Sicilian Connection.
09.07.14: Sales ad added for Special Force.
09.07.14: Canadian sleeve and promo photo added for The Female Bunch.
09.07.14: Danish sleeve and promo photo added for Pets.
09.07.14: French sleeve added for Satans Blood.
07.31.14: Listing added for Sicilian Connection.
03.20.14: Listing added for A Fist Full of Talons.
12.01.13: Alternate U.S. slipcase added for Tower of Evil
11.29.13: Danish sleeve added for Kiss of the Tarantula.
11.24.13: "Inspirational" artwork added for Bladestorm
11.24.13: Sales slick and production announcement added for Fury.
11.24.13: U.S. slipcase added for Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things.
11.24.13: Two alternate U.S. slipcases added for Horror Hospital.
11.24.13: Greek sleeve added for Tower of Evil
11.24.13: Sales sheet and behind-the-scenes photos added for Demon Queen.
10.02.13: Listing added for Bladestorm

09.08.13: Listing added for Little Hero.
09.02.13: Listing added for New Mafia Boss.
08.19.13: Listing added for The Hollywood Dream.
06.29.13: Listing added for The Hereafter.
06.09.13: Danish sleeve added for Lady Stay Dead.
06.09.13: Danish sleeves added for Invaders of the Lost Gold
06.02.13: French-Canadian and alternate Argentinean sleeves added for Lady Stay Dead.
06.02.13: French-Canadian sleeve added for Panic.
05.27.13: Listing added for The Warrior and the Ninja.
05.11.13: Listing added for Tai-Chi Master.
05.04.13: Listing added for Lady Stay Dead.
04.28.13: Alternate U.S. sleeve added for Kung Fu Zombie.
04.28.13: French and Argentinean sleeves added for Street War.
04.21.13: Spanish sleeve added for She Beast.
04.21.13: Spanish sleeve updated for The Great Alligator.
04.21.13: Spanish sleeve added for Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things.
04.20.13: Listing added for Criminally Insane.
04.20.13: Japanese sleeve updated for Curse of the Screaming Dead.
04.13.13: Listing added for Raiders of Atlantis.
03.23.13: Listing added for Invaders of the Lost Gold.
03.10.13: Listing added for Mission to Death.
03.04.13: Listing added for Blood Freak.
02.27.13: Listing added for Tower of Evil.
02.23.13: Spanish sleeve added for Contraband.
02.23.13: Listing added for Horror Hospital.
02.02.13: Alternate US sleeve added for Legacy of Horror.
02.02.13: Additional US sleeve added for Flesh Feast.
12.02.12: German and additional UK sleeve added for Aftermath.
12.02.12: Spanish and Swedish sleeves added for Crimebusters.
12.02.12: Additional US slipcase added for Night of the Bloody Apes
12.02.12: Spanish sleeve added for Panic.
12.02.12: German sleeve added for Kung Fu Zombie.
11.30.12: Listing added for Budo: The Art of Killing.
11.24.12: Listing added for Night of the Bloody Apes.
11.14.12: Listing added for Brutal Sorcery.
11.06.12: Listing added for Threads.
10.26.12: Listing added for Aftermath.
10.21.12: Listing added for Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things.
10.19.12: Listing added for .357 Magnum.
10.15.12: Listing added for Devil.
10.13.12: Listing added for Trap Them and Kill Them
10.07.12: Greek sleeve added for Wolf Devil Woman
10.06.12: Listing added for Black Magic Terror.
10.02.12: Listing added for War Victims
09.29.12: Listing added for 1931 Once Upon a Time in New York
09.22.12: Listing added for Two Crippled Heroes.
09.22.12: Argentinean slipcase added for Panic.
09.22.12: Sales sheet added for Night of the Howling Beast.
09.22.12: Canadian slipcase added for The Great Alligator.
09.15.12: Listing added for Panic
08.29.12: Listing added for Kiss of the Tarantula
08.27.12: French sleeve added for Don't Look in the Attic
08.27.12: Japanese sleeve added for Contraband.
08.26.12: Listing added for Kung Fu Zombie
08.23.12: Listing added for Legacy of Horror
08.12.12: Japanese sleeve added for Holocaust 2.
08.11.12: Listing added for Wolf Devil Woman.
08.07.12: Listing added for She Beast
08.05.12: Japanese sleeve added for The Great Alligator.
08.05.12: Two Danish sleeves added for Captive Planet
08.04.12: Listing added for The Great Alligator
07.28.12: Listing added for Flesh Feast.
07.23.12: Finnish sleeve, additional Dutch sleeves and original US artwork added for Deathdream
07.23.12: Additional German cover added for Frankenstein '80.
07.23.12: Argentinean VHS advertisement added for Thunder Squad.
07.22.12: Listing added for Deathdream.
07.15.12: Listing added for Frankenstein '80.
07.13.12: Listing added for Attack of the Beast Creatures.
07.11.12: Trailer added for Macabre.
07.04.12: Listing added for Three on a Meathook.
07.01.12: Listing added for Brides of the Beast.
06.28.12: Listing added for Death Wish Club

We're always looking for additional tape sleeves to add to The VHS Archives.  If you have a cover that's not listed on one of our pages, or have a tape that fits one of our catalog holes, please get in touch!

A note about timings:  My runtime listings will not include any distributor logos, only production logos.  Some may be theatrical (Aquarius, JBA), some may be video (TWE, Paragon), but I won't count a single second until the film proper starts.  However, I will include intro and outro music.  Make sense?

Special Thanks go out to Eric Bechtold, Tony Piazza, Jeff McKay, Fred Adelman, Marc Morris, David Wright, Sam Sherman, "sf12169" and Martin Brooks.  Their input, new and old, has been invaluable to this project.

Happy hunting!

(Some of the foreign sleeves listed here have been appropriated from elsewhere on the interwebs. I try to credit the proper source whenever possible, but sometimes it's a bit hard to figure out who the original scanner is. If you see one of your scans here uncredited, let me know and I'll update its listing. Thanks!)

(If anyone needs hi-res scans of any of these video covers for special projects, please get in touch.)

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