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Table of Contents


Programmer Travis Crawford on the Danger After Dark Film Festival (7.5.10)
Grindhouse Releasing's Bob Murawski on the Restoration of Duke Mitchell's Gone with the Pope (3.3.10)
You Can't Handle the Tooth
Mondo Macabro's Pete Tombs on the Films of Jess Franco (12.1.10)

181 Frames of Gut-Crunching, Man-Eating Terror!
Behind-the-Scenes of William Girdler's Grizzly (1976) (10.7.10)
Coney Island Carnage!
Unseen Sex & Gore from Leonard Kirtman's Carnival of Blood (1970) (12.12.10)
It Won't Stay Dead!
Screenwriter Lon Huber on The Curse of the Screaming Dead (1982) (5.24.12)
The Mystery of Big Mike's Girls
More Questions than Answers (7.31.10)
Survive! American Style!
Paul Talbot on the Americanization of Rene Cardona's Survive! (1975) (9.12.11)

Five Films!
Leif Jonker
Director of Darkness and the Demon Machine promo! (7.14.13)
Dante Tomaselli
Writer / Director of Torture Chamber, the upcoming Alice, Sweet Alice remake, and more! (11.20.12)
Jim VanBebber
Director of Deadbeat at Dawn, The Manson Family, My Sweet Satan, and more! (6.20.13)

In Search Of...!
M.I.A. #1
William Grefe's The Devil's Sisters (1966) (11.26.10)
M.I.A. #0
Deep Inside the Love Cave (in Eroticolor): Spelunking for the Truth! (10.9.10)

Top Ten DVD Lists!
Top Ten DVDs of 2009
Thoughts on Hanna D., Messiah of Evil, Lost Souls and More! (1.30.10)
Top Ten DVDs of 2003
Thoughts on Emanuelle in America, Seven Women for Satan and More! (9.4.10)

David F. Friedman (1923-2011)
A Farewell to the Mighty Monarch of Exploitation (2.20.11)
Emilio Vieyra (1920-2010)
With Memories from Pete Tombs and Frank Henenlotter (2.20.10)

Bruce H's Grab Bags o' Goodies!
Mystery Photos #121-125
Currently Unknown! (12.3.12)
Mystery Photos #116-120
Currently Unknown! (10.10.12)
Mystery Photos #111-115
The Vampire and the Ballerina and More! (9.24.12)
Mystery Photos #106-110
The Runaway and More! (9.3.12)
Mystery Photos #101-105
The Weekend Murders, The Violent Patriot and More! (8.19.12)
Mystery Photos #96-100
The Young the Evil and the Savage, Hired KillerMan of the Year and More! (7.31.12)
Mystery Photos #91-95
Land of the Pharaohs, A Safe Place, Hired Killer and More! (7.18.12)
Mystery Photos #86-90
The Vampire and the Ballerina and More! (7.7.12)
Mystery Photos #81-85
Slaughter's Big Rip-Off, Lizard in a Woman's Skin and More! (6.25.12)
Mystery Photos #76-80
Deranged and More! (6.18.12)
Mystery Photos #71-75
Scream and Scream Again and More! (6.12.12)
Mystery Photos #66-70
Capture that Capsule and More! (6.5.12)
Mystery Photos #61-65
The Stranger Returns, MagdalenaThe Secret Seven, Dagmar's Hot Pants Inc. and More! (5.28.12)
Mystery Photos #56-60
Capture that Capsule, Shanty Tramp, It's a Bikini World and More! (5.17.12)
Mystery Photos #51-55
The Runaway and More! (4.30.12)
Mystery Photos #46-50
The Minx and More! (4.18.12)
Mystery Photos #41-45
Explosion, I Am a Groupie and More! (4.2.12)
Mystery Photos #36-40
Where the Bullets Fly and More! (3.26.12)
Mystery Photos #31-35
Horror House, Fellini's Roma, Sex Club International and More! (2.12.12)
Mystery Photos #26-30
The Aztec Mummy, The Electronic Monster and More! (10.4.11)
Mystery Photos #21-25
The Blood Spattered Bride, Black Sabbath, How to Succeed with Sex and More! (4.27.11)
Mystery Photos #16-20
Frogs, The Seducers and More! (4.14.11)
Mystery Photos #11-15
Just Like a Woman, Virgin Witch and More! (3.30.11)
Mystery Photos #6-10
The Time Travelers, Caltiki the Immortal Monster, Women of Devil's Island and More! (2.4.11)
Mystery Photos #1-5
The Seducers, The Sadist, Okay Bill, The Weekend Murders and More! (1.17.11)

Name that Movie Monday Challenges!
Challenge #28
Jose Larraz's Vampyres (1974) (10.10.11)
Challenge #27
Joseph Sarno's Inga (1968) (9.19.11)
Challenge #26
Joe Viola's The Hot Box (1972) (9.5.11)
Challenge #25
Denis Heroux's The Uncanny (1977) (8.22.11)
Challenge #24
Frank Vitale's East End Hustle (1976) (8.15.11)
Challenge #23
Whoever's Olga's Dance Hall Girls (1966) (8.8.11)
Challenge #22
Norman J. Warren's Terror (1978) (7.25.11)
Challenge #21
Herschell Gordon Lewis' She-Devils on Wheels (1968) (7.18.11)
Challenge #20
Jess Franco's The Castle of Fu Manchu (1969) (12.20.10)
Challenge #19
Umberto Lenzi's Eyeball (1975) (12.6.10)
Challenge #18
Lucio Fulci's The Psychic aka Seven Notes in Black (1977) (10.25.10)
Challenge #17
Jean LaFleur's The Tigress aka Ilsa, Tigress of Siberia (1977) (10.18.10)
Challenge #16
Norman J. Warren's Satan's Slave (1976) (10.11.10)
Challenge #15
Constantine S. Gochis' The Redeemer: Son of Satan aka Class Reunion Massacre (1977) (10.4.10)
Challenge #14
William L. Rose's Girl in Room 2A (1973) (9.27.10)
Challenge #13
William Fruet's Death Weekend (1976) (9.20.10)
Challenge #12
Ruggero Deodato's The Last Survivor aka Jungle Holocaust (1977) (9.13.10)
George A. Romero's Martin (1977) (9.6.10)
Brunello Rondi's Smooth Velvet, Raw Silk aka Black Emmanuelle / White Emmanuelle (1976) (8.30.10)
Juan Lopez Moctezuma's Dr. Tarr's Torture Dungeon aka The Mansion of Madness (1973) (8.23.10)
Harry E. Kerwin's Tomcats aka Avenged (1976) (8.16.10)
Alberto De Martino's Strange Shadows in an Empty Room (1976) (8.9.10)
Challenge #6
William Girdler's Day of the Animals (1977) (8.2.10)
Challenge #5
Stephen Traxler's Slithis (1978) (7.26.10)
Challenge #4
Andy Milligan's The Man with 2 Heads (1970) (7.19.10)
Challenge #3
Pete Walker's Schizo (1976) (7.12.10)
Challenge #2
Silvio Amadio's Amuck (1972) (6.28.10)
Challenge #1
William Dear & Thomas L. Dyke's Northville Cemetery Massacre (1976) (6.21.10)
Challenge #0
A Taste of Things to Come! (3.14.10)

Odds & Ends!
Arcane Updates
Torso, Chained Heat and More! (6.12.11)
Merry X-Mas! 
Seasons Greetings from the ol' Arcana! (12.25.11)
Odds & Arcana
News and Excuses (6.20.10)

The Happy 101 Award
Thanks to Trash Film Addict! Bonus List of Ten Things I Like! (8.7.10)
The Zombie Rabbit Award
Thanks to Johnny LaRue's Crane Shot and Temple of Schlock! (9.6.10)

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